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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We All Wear a Mask.

Observing people is one of my favorite things to do. I try to really see them for who they are. I listen for the small details they might accidentally reveal during common conversations. I watch for "the look" someone gets when a sentence, scene, or song lyric catches them off guard and triggers a memory they hold close. Everyone has one of those looks. Its a look that is easily undetected if someone else isn't looking for it. 

Sometimes I think that's why I care so much about people that forget me so easily. Once you peel away someone's mask that they wear for society, you can't help but care for them.

Who is the person underneath the protective coat that they portray to the world? The more foreign someone's actions are to me the more I want to know the answers to this question. I guess what starts it is a simple question that I ask myself when I meet someone such as:
  • Are you really as nice as you act?
  • Why are you so mean?
  • Is that smile real? 

I think we all wear a mask. We all have a little part of us hidden away. I know I do. That's why I am so intrigued about what might lie behind another person's. I hate being judged and because of that I have a lot of secrets. They're silly secrets. Like I have secret spots and I do secret things there. They are the things I truly love to do -- my favorite things -- I keep them secret because they are mine.

I feel like if I let someone know all of my favorite things and places then its not completely mine anymore. I'm scared that if I share these things with the wrong person that I'll start to slowly lose myself. Keeping my favorites as a secret is a way to shield myself.
Until someone knows the "alone me" then they never really know me and thus they cant really hurt me.
I think most people have a secret self that they protect from being harmed from society. Sometimes maybe this secret self gets damaged a little and that's when people build even thicker walls around themselves. The world is full of more walls than true people. Which is why I always am left wondering, Does anybody ever know somebody else?

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